Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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5 Family Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Budget

Maybe pre-kids Valentine’s Day meant a night out for a fancy dinner. Moms of littles know it probably means homemade Valentine boxes for preschool, choosing between Elsa or Dora for classmates’ goodies, and the same daily duties as every other day of the year. 

You can still celebrate though! With kids in tow now you have more love to celebrate and go around. Here are a few ideas to get the kids involved in a Valentine’s Day celebration that won’t break the bank. 


1. Make an easy dinner at home. 

Heart pizza anyone? Don’t even make this! Unless your kids think it’d be a fun dinnertime craft. I picked up a refrigerated bake and go version at Aldi over the weekend. If you don’t feel up to putting something in your own oven, this is a great day for takeout. Or donuts! Dunkin always has its heart-shaped sprinkled treats ready for this day. 


2. Celebrate at an off time. 

Our Saturday breakfast tradition for years has been Chick-fil-a. Because we can all find something we like to eat then the kids go to the play place and my hubby and I have a few minutes of uninterrupted conversation. Plus all the sweet tea refills we want! Dress up in your red, pink, and white and drop in your favorite fast food place for an easy breakfast or lunch. Call it good. Your kids will never know the difference and you’ll get a cheaper, low key way to celebrate your love. 


3. Invite some friends.

If you’re going to let the kids pour glue and glitter all over little red doilies, might as well make the most of the mess. It’s so much more fun to invite a few mom friends over, share some coffee and muffins while the kids play. Ask each guest to bring a craft supply and a snack. Then enjoy a pop-up party in your kitchen. 


4. Treat your neighbors. 

Valentine’s Day is about showing love after all! Pick up a set of store-bought chocolates or sugar cookies. Have the kids help divide them out into individual treat bags. Then go ring your neighbors’ doorbells. Show a little love up and down your street. And teach your kids that kindness always counts. 


5. Express your love.

This doesn’t have to be fancy, but make your kids feel special. Make cards for each other as a family. Write a small love note to each of your children about what you enjoy about them, how proud you are of them, or what you like to do together. Invite your kids to do the same by asking them to make one for siblings, grandparents, Mom, and Dad. Your kids will love being recognized and you’ll be teaching them how to appreciate others too. 


Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy this time of love with your family this season.