Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Everyone wants to know what your kids want for Christmas. As the mom who has to clean up the Barbies, Legos, and Magnatiles every night you’re sure whatever they want better not crowd the toy cabinet anymore. 

Probably why so many families are opting for giving and getting experiences this year. We’re tired of spending money on the latest toy that’ll be broken or lost in the next couple of weeks. But experiences are memories we can keep for a lifetime. 

If you’re asking Santa for experiences for Christmas here are a few ideas the whole family will love. 

  1. Tickets to an Event

    Is Paw Patrol Live headed your way? Or Disney on Ice? Maybe a concert or special play that your kids would enjoy. These make great gifts. 

  2. Memberships

    Zoo. Local Museum. Amusement park. Water park. Many of these venues sell discounted memberships around the holidays. The membership will be well worth your money. 

  3. Gift Certificate for Favorite Places

    Ice cream shops. Restaurants. Movie Theater. Grab a certificate that the recipient can use for a rainy day in the future. 

  4. Time

    If a grandparent is asking for a gift to give, this could be the gift to everyone. Suggest they give coupons or certificates of time they’ll spend with you or your children over the upcoming year. Babysitting, school drop off, weekend dinner together. The options are endless. The time together will be priceless. 

  5. Classes or Sports Activities

    Dance. Art. Gymnastics. Soccer. Piano. Basketball. All of these cost money. If a giver is up for it, ask them to gift the cash to fund your child’s favorite event. Bonus would be to grab the extra accessory (like shin guards) for the child to unwrap. 

  6. Vacation

    Use Christmas as your time to unveil your summer 2020 beach, mountain, or Disney family trip. That will create some anticipation and invite your family into the planning too. 

  7. Subscriptions                                                                                                                                                                       Subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re asking for yourself maybe you’d like Hello Fresh for easy dinners. Your kids might like Highlights magazine, Little Passports, Science kits, or more. This is a gift that keeps on giving month after month. 

So, if you’re thinking your kids don’t need more stuff under the tree, you’re probably right. Treat them with an experience (or two) that you’ll all enjoy.