Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By now you know how much we love contests around here. And I’m hoping that a few of you have also enjoyed winning some of them. 

Today we’re announcing our most recent winners of the 1st Annual Rhea Lana's National Halloween Costume Contest. You’ve submitted your cutest puppy pals, pumpkin babies, and even a few cute witches. 

The people have spoken with their votes for the various categories. And our social media team has been drooling over cute kid pics all weekend. You really have some festive adorable little people, and we can tell how much time and creativity many of you put into your costumes! We thank you for sharing in the fun with us. 

Selected from Rhea Lana's nationwide participants, here are your winners. 


We’re still LOLing about this. Meet Walker from Union, KY.

Mom, Brandi, says, "My husband and I met in Nursing School. On Thursday nights, a group of us would get together at my apartment to watch The Office. It was really the first thing we bonded over! We have always LOVED The Office and have seen every episode several times. We watched it on repeat when Walker first came home from the hospital - he was 5 weeks early and we were on house arrest for a while! We knew that this year may be our last year to pick Walker’s costume as he may have an opinion about it next year. Of course, we had to do our favorite character - Dwight Schrute! Walker loved the costume (even the glasses) and was happy to snap some pictures in it!"


Doesn't she look "SWEET"! Congratulations to Alexis from Broken Arrow, OK.

Her dad, Victor, says, "We had the idea of the Icee because we go to the movies a lot and my daughter loves to drink the cherry Icee while watching movies."


How cute are they? Meet Callie (3) and Cayson (5) from Witchita, KS.

Their mom, Cristin, says, "I like to stick with a doll theme since it’s much easier to layer up costumes in case we get harsh early winters come October and my daughter's favorite dolly happens to be raggedy Ann. We call her Callie Ann because her middle name is Annalise so it all worked together and upon luck, I found a boys Andy costume! With the help of NotsoBoren Crochet, she makes all the wigs I need and I will find some old heirloom type clothing some even found at consignments and put it all together myself every year with a new theme! We have so much fun!!!"

Your choice of Rhea Lana T-shirt and a $50 Amazon Gift Card is headed your way.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the festive fun. We can't wait to do it again next year!

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