Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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I know I know. Stay in your lane, Santa, is circulating your feed. But Happy November!!! I think this means we can safely tell you about our Rhea Lana’s Holiday Events (without upsetting any Grinches out there). 

It’s officially holiday season. You have about 8 weeks till Christmas. 

It’s time to monogram those red dresses and find the perfect tartan bowtie. I’ve always found it funny that we have more outfits specifically for one of the shortest windows of wear. But that hasn’t stopped me from stocking up on the turkey dresses, snowflake sweaters, and gold shimmer tights. 

As we said though, because of the short season and the number of adorable outfits, these festive pieces might get one or two wears plus a cute Christmas card pic. So spending a lot of money on them would be silly. Not buying them at all would be silly too. 

Rhea Lana’s wants you to have all the holiday cuteness your heart desires. With all the sensibility your long gift list demands. 

So we created a niche event just for holiday shoppers like you. New to the RL model in 2018  and becoming increasingly popular, we are bringing our holiday event to a location near you. 

You’ll find low prices on the best quality kids’ items, just like you’ve come to love at a Fall or Spring Rhea Lana’s sale. But instead of sifting through a season full of options, you’ll shop a scaled-down event that caters to your holiday apparel and gifting needs. 

At the special holiday events you’ll find:

- All kinds of toys! (Large indoor/outdoor such as bikes, dollhouses, play kitchens, toy workbenches)

- Furniture, Electronics, Books, and Crafts

- Winter Clothes, PJ's, & Holiday Outfits

- Shoes (Winter Boots, Tennis Shoes, Dress Shoes, & even Slippers!)

- Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Tights, Socks, Hair Bows, Belts & Ties)

- Maternity Items

- Baby Equipment

So check out our event calendar to see your nearest event. The holiday events happening around the country start November 8 throughout the month of November.  You’ll be ready for all of your holiday gatherings. 


Happy holidays to you from Rhea Lana’s!