Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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It’s okay if it’s the time of summer when you’re realizing how underpaid teachers are. Summer Mom, we feel you. Summer with our kids really is grand. And it really is exhausting.

We’ve got some humor to remind you that we’re in this together. 

1.  Summer Moms know that swimming of any kid totally counts as our kid’s bath for the day. 

2.  Work from home moms like so many of our own franchise owners have figured out how to juggle it all. Working poolside since the lifeguard is definitely watching. 5am alarms to get the emails done. And the iPhone email glow late into the night. But hey, it leaves our afternoons free to enjoy the summer sunshine with our little loves. 


3.  We’ve heard our kids say they’re bored so many times, we don’t even give them the rundown list of options anymore. You can lead a kid to entertainment but you can’t make them enjoy it. 

4.  We’ve decided to embrace the crowds at the local pool because remember, the kids need to bathe for the day! 

5.  We’ve had enough time with our kids to identify and appreciate what’s great about them. 

6.  We don’t even catch ourselves talking in kidspeak to other adults. Thankfully most of the other adults we talk to also speak the lingo. 

7.  Our Summer Mom bods are in full swing and our diets have adapted. 

8.  In some ways it seems like Summer Moms have given up but in reality we finally have our priorities right.