Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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You’ve heard all kinds of news about the consignment sale industry lately. Legal jargon. Court rulings. And a lot of mommy group chitter chatter! We’ve been hearing it too. 

To help you sort through it all we’re hooking you up here with all the inside deets on the recent Rhea Lana’s refresh.

1. Here’s what you heard: 

Everything will be different!

Here’s the truth:

Well, hang on. The value you've grown to trust. The quality you love. The community that brings moms together...

Yep still us. And that is never changing. 

The heart of our founder, the heart of our owners, and the heart of our brand is the same as it was the day Rhea Lana opened up her living room in 1997 for the first mommy swap.

 2. Here’s what you heard:

Moms don’t know what to expect from the upcoming sales.

 Here’s the truth (we think you’ll like it):

  • You can make more money than ever before at our events.
  • We’ll have even more locations for you to get the goods your family needs. (Look for an event near you. We have several new sales coming this Fall.)
  • Teachers were added to the early sale shoppers. So let your educator friends know they can shop for their kiddos and their classrooms with a valid teacher’s ID.
  • Now you can work for your favorite brand too. We’re hiring.
  • We’ve added our own RL apparel to shop your favorite mom looks. You can snag some today if you’re ready!



    3. Here’s what you heard:

    Something about a ticket?

    Here’s the truth:

    Tickets are optional. Every Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sale still offers free shopping every day at every event. Free shop early passes are also available to all of our guests, which is our social media friends and email subscribers.

     So go ahead and like us on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll want to be part of our online mommy community anyway. We also offer free early shopping to active military, moms to be, and teachers.  And we offer free admission to the public every single day during our public sale days.

    4. Here’s what you heard:

    Now you have to pay $ to shop Rhea Lana’s.

    Here’s the truth:

    There is free entry every day at every Rhea Lana’s event. In fact, you get precious mom hours back. Instead of volunteering in 4-hour increments to earn your shopping spot, now you get to shop whenever works best for you and your family.

    But if you want to work the system, here’s how to do it. Think of it this way.

    Take the “Instacart mom” approach: Saying you’re busy is an understatement. You’re a mom on the go. Juggling work, volunteering, motherhood, and self-care. You eat your salad in 5 minutes on an hour lunchbreak while on the phone catching up with your mom. You use the other 55 minutes to run the errand you don’t have time for after you pick the kids up. Time is your most valuable commodity, and you didn’t have the time to volunteer 12 hours to shop early to get the deals ahead of the rush.

    Guess what? This ticket is for you! Save your time. Buy the ticket to shop before anyone else. You’ll get everything your family needs for back to school in one convenient place in a quick shopping trip ahead of the crowds.

    Take the “Clicklist mom” approach: You’re a busy momma too. You’ve got plans and people to take care of. But you’re also working to maximize your money and your time. Sometimes you can choose one; sometimes you choose the other. You like to pick and choose your conveniences.

    In this case, buy the mid-level ticket to shop early. You’ll get to shop before the public. And you’ll be glad you ticketed for that easy, stress-free shopping trip.

    Take the “Thrifty mom” approach: Raise your hand if you’re out to get a good deal and stick to a budget. This is me: thrifty to the core. I’m going to work all the systems to get all the deals. You can too!

    The thrifty mom is going to consign every outgrown or unused item in the kids’ closets. Then she’s going to use her consignor’s pass to shop early. Oh yeah, and she’ll also use her consignor paycheck to cover her family’s new season of goods.

    5. Here’s what you heard:

    Back to school sale event dates have been announced.

    Here’s the truth:

    Yep! You’re right. Our almost 100 Rhea Lana’s locations are ready to welcome you to fall consignment events around the country. The same sales you know and love, plus several new locations, will have all your family needs to be ready for next season. Spread the word! And thanks for your longtime loyalty to the best children’s consignment events around.