Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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4th of July is here! I hope that you and your family get a long weekend ahead to celebrate. And I hope your celebration includes burgers, watermelon, family, friends, fireworks, and warm weather.

I know it will include flags! Because those are such an iconic symbol of our freedom.

So to help you pull of a kid-friendly 4th of July holiday and teach your little ones to appreciate the beauty of Old Glory here are 8 ways to DIY our country’s long-loved flag.

1.  Make handprint flags. If you’re feeling really crafty, make the handprint flag onto a t-shirt for 4th of July attire. For a more low-key version, paint the handprint flag onto construction paper or cardstock for around the house party décor.

2.  Design your own rendition. Like recycling? Then this one is for you. Use empty egg cartons as the medium for this easy patriotic craft. Flip the carton over to paint the flag’s design onto the raised egg holders.

3.  Turn the flag into a paper chain. This easy free printable paper chain is a great way to involve your kids in party prep. Print it. Let your kids cut it out. And glue the strips into a chain for the front fence entry or to hang across your mantle.


4.  Bake it. Flag cake has been my family’s tradition for the past 20 years when I first made this cake in 8th grade. I’ve seen many variations to the cake, but we also stick with a white box cake mix. Then make our homemade icing of cool whip and cream cheese. The youngest family members get to decorate with the berries.


5.  Snack it. We’re going to be at the beach this year for part of 4th of July week. So we need some festive snacks that will tide my kids over for staying out on the sand all day. I think this patriotic trail mix looks pretty enough to interest them and will taste delicious.


6.  Keep it healthy.  A handy thing about our freedom is that we have the freedom to indulge in sweet patriotic treats. Or choose the healthy alternative. This fruit rendition would be great to serve for 4th of July breakfast side. Easy enough for the kids to help put together too.


7.  Color it. Every kid loves a good coloring sheet. Here are several patriotic coloring sheets to print and let your kids have fun with.


8.  Fly it high. Turn Old Glory into a windsock to fly from front porch. Your kids can make this out of supplies you have at home. Construction paper, crepe paper, and paint.