Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Moms, we know you like a great deal because you’re dedicated sale shoppers for your kiddos. But what about yourself?

Do you make time as a mom to enjoy fashion? Or do you put all of your fashion knowledge into your kids’ closets? It’s easy to prioritize our kids. And so many times it’s a necessity. But with these Amazon finds, even frugal moms can find some everyday fashion to enjoy.

No worry about overspending on impulse buys at the checkout lanes either. These beauties deliver right to your door.


1.  Mom hair don’t care gets a bad rap. On the days when your dry shampoo isn’t cutting it anymore, these adorable hair clips keep your locks looking good. At first these felt a little too kiddie for me. But these alligator prints and neutral tones make these barrettes stylish for mom wear too.

2.  Every mom needs a big bag to tote along diapers, snacks, water bottles, car entertainment, changes of clothes, and more. But moms need free hands too to bounce the baby and grab the toddler’s ponytail before she darts across the Target parking lot alone. This diaper bag backpack by Miss Fong is a must have mom accessory. It has all the storage pouches you need to organize your goods. Plus the leather makeup means it’s durable. Sling this on your back and you’re hands free for your outings.


3.  Moms needs to be comfortable on the go. High heels are great for a day at the office. But when kids are in tow, casual but cute sneakers are a must. These high top platform shoes are stylish but keep your feet happy for a day on the run.

4.  We are diligent to swipe sunscreen on our kids for a day in the sun. But moms need to take care of our skin too. The Colorescience sunscreen brush protects your skin without the greasy film of kids sunblock. Swipe this sunscreen powder on as part of your summer makeup routine for easy skincare every day.

5.  Summer sandals are an accessory to love, especially after a good pedicure. We’re loving these grown up jellies. They come in 8 colors. They’re water resistant. And they’re comfortable and versatile. A win all around. Plus the classy design will set you apart from the teenage styles we all still love but sadly have aged out of.

Moms, feel free to splurge a little on yourself this summer too. With these prices, even a frugal mom can enjoy these summer finds.