Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

Any other moms out there already succumbed to pool concession hot dogs for nightly dinner and slurping down your kids’ leftover koolaid? Good for you!

I started out this morning planning to write this post about sticking to a self-care routine even in summer. And packing healthy meals (at least for you) for an evening pool trip. I still think that’s important.

But then I spent the first day of (almost) summer with my kids.  They have 3 days of school left. Today started the 1pm dismissals to finish out the year.

I started out today intending on my regular morning: school drop off, 9am cycling class, work from home the rest of the day.

Then I realized that 1pm pickup would really cut into my work time. And If I stuck to my norm, I’d be working all afternoon when my kids were home needing me.

I want my kids to know that their mom is hardworking. But I also want my kids to know that their mom is big loving. So this morning I scratched the gym off my list to reprioritize my day.

Recently a fellow body pump friend missed an entire month of classes. Usually we’re challenging each other adding squat weight, so I was very curious to miss her for 12 consecutive workouts.

Her first class back, she grabbed a couple of light hand weights. She knew the month off would be brutal on her thighs if she jumped back into the heavy bar weight. I asked her if she’d been sick. Her reply is what every mom needs to hear.

“No. I just took a month off to enjoy my kid. She’s my last, you know? And she’ll go to preschool next year. Now that she’s my youngest, I know that the days go too fast. I figured out I could focus on my fitness any time. I can only focus on slow mornings with my kid for a few more months.”

Yes! And so today, instead of focusing on my busy life, I focused on my kids. At half day pickup my oldest shouted a request from the backseat to get a smoothie on the way home. I said yes!

When we got home, she wanted me to read the chapter book aloud to her that she’d been reading on her own. I had to make my mouth agree. She could read it on her own! But how many more years will my 7-year-old want to crawl up in my lap for an Ivy & Bean read aloud?! I’m guessing not many.

So I postponed the work that was waiting on me.

Then my youngest wanted me to talk her American Girl doll. I didn’t use the right voice, but finally my daughter decided it was okay. And that my doll being her doll’s teacher would work out.

Still I postponed the work that was waiting on me.

And I’ll be up way too late tonight. I’ll be tired, typing to meet my work deadlines in the moonlight. But I’ll be happy that I took the time to focus on my kids. Because I won’t be able to do it every day for the rest of my life. On the days that I can, I want to rework my priorities and make sacrifices to maximize my moments with my kids.