Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

Alexandria Mills is a woman who knows how to work hard. She’s a wife. She’s a mother to an 8-month-old son. And she still finds time to run her own business.

With a background in engineering, Alexandria has been a longtime learner with high career aspirations and accomplishments. All of that was fulfilling…but very time consuming. When Alexandria became a mother she wanted to spend her time differently.

She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her new baby for hours every day to spend her work week away from him. But she knew she still wanted to enjoy something outside the home and contribute to her family’s finances.

What kind of career could offer the best of both worlds? She and her husband didn’t know at first. They decided the idea would come to them at the right time.

So they went about their regular lives, adjusting to parenthood, buying all the baby gear at the best prices. And that’s when it happened. One regular night, Alexandria shopped a children’s consignment sale in the Oklahoma City metro area.

As she shopped, she picked up clothes, toys, books, bedding, and even big ticket baby items for cheap! She realized that the other moms shopping were as excited as she was to get all the necessities at a necessary price point.

The sale Alexandria went to was about 30 miles from her town though.  She had to make a special trip with special planning to commute the event. The moms she saw there weren’t the moms in her community.

Alexandria went home and told her husband that she could run a sale in their town. That the families in Norman needed an event too. That she had found the career that would allow her to prioritize their family while she helped other families.

It hasn’t been easy brining something new to an area that isn’t familiar with her brand. She has had to educate families in her area about the value of selling and buying value consignment. As she pitched the idea of earning 70% of sales on all their kids’ outgrown closet clutter to multiple mom groups, the idea caught on.

This week she hosts her very first Rhea Lana’s Consignment Event at Sooner Mall in Norman, Oklahoma. She’s confident that when other families shop her sale full of cute high-quality items this week that they will be convinced about buying consignment too.

And after she works her sale hard all week, she’s looking forward to getting to rest hard for spring break. Alexandria claims she’s more of a staycation kind of girl, especially with a little one.

Staycations can be just as fun, she assured me. As long as you plan for some excitement. Follow Alexandria’s tips for an entertaining staycation for your upcoming spring break:


  1.  Play Tourist. Look on Trip Advisor and Yelp for reviews in your town. Google your area to see what’s recommended for sightseeing and fun. Then pack your fanny pack—or diaper bag—and head out in full on tourist mode.
  2.  Take a picture in front of every local landmark. You have to document your hometown fun.
  3. Get outdoors. Alexandria plans to strap on her little one and hike for some downtime during spring break.
  4. Eat your meals at home. Don’t waste your money eating out. You’ve probably tired to nearby restaurants anyway. Not having to make a big eat out budget is the biggest beauty of a staycation,
  5. Splurge. Since a staycation is easier on the bank account, allow yourself one big splurge. She suggests catching a film a the IMAX theater or visiting a museum.


Work hard. Play hard. And make time to love your people well. That’s how Alexandria is spending her days. It’s a lifestyle that everyone around her is better for.