Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane


Happy March! In many places, this means flowers blooming and sunny days ahead. Unfortunately, for this southern girl, I moved my family to the Northeast last summer. So even though our bodies think March 1 means spring, our weather forecasts snow this weekend.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t freshen up for spring in cold weather. All the more reason to get our homes spring ready.

Try these 5 ideas for a spring refresh in your house.


1. Earth inspired elements

Even if nothing is blooming in your yard yet—and especially if buds are popping out all around you—bring stems inside.  Add greens to a living room mantle. Add florals in a vase to any kitchen table centerpiece. You can even put a touch of greenery on a bathroom vanity for freshening in every room in the house.


You don’t have to pick just one room for the seasonal foliage either. Too many greens and flowers is hardly possible.

2. Happy Hues

Spring outside is full of vibrant yellow, soft pinks, and pale purples. Add those colors to for an inside refresh too.


An easy and inexpensive way to do this is by switching out throw pillows on sofas and beds. You might even be up for switching out a dark or neutral rug for vivid colored flooring for the spring months. In your kitchen hang bright tea towels for added décor.

3. Clean Spaces

We all know about the tradition of spring cleaning. By the time March arrives we’re ready to get the clutter out.


Clean, clear spaces make everything feel tidy. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want any décor. It means that you only want well planned, fresh feeling pieces to liven up your home.


This little office nook is perfectly peppered with intentional design. There’s a neat stack of books. The fresh blooms bring life. And the gold lamp lights up the workspace. But it’s not so full of clutter that a busy mind can’t think!

4. Light and Whites for Color

Think airy, bright, and beachy when you’re giving your home a spring refresh.  


Swap out your insulated or light blocking curtains for sheer and white. Fold away the red sofa throw for now and pull out a white or light colored throw for spring décor. You could choose to trade out a gray or navy bedroom duvet as well for something white and light.

5. Natural textures

And you’ll need baskets to store and hid the clutter that you don’t want on your shelves right now. You need a place to fold away that wintertime design.


Woven natural textures are the go-to. Add a large woven basket to an entryway for a drop spot. Tuck a basket under your media center or beneath your coffee table for updated toy and movie storage.

Now you’re ready. Even if you have a cold, snowy weekend ahead. Use the indoor time to spruce up your home with a spring refresh. It’ll brighten any lingering chilly days.