Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

So you KonaMarie’d all weekend? Way to go.

Your closets and dresser drawers are looking great! But I’m about 99% sure that your clutter is still piled in your corner.  No shame in that! This morning my husband asked what I’m actually going to do with that huge black trash bag full of our formerly used things.

I have to confess that once or twice in the past week, I dug through the bag and pulled out two shirts that I think I might still get a little joy out of. I need to get that clutter out of the corner, or I’m afraid I might fill my closet back up with items I’ve already thanked and fare welled.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s what Marie Kondo had in mind. If you’re doing the same, follow these steps to complete the KonaMarie method.

Clear the Clutter.

Get it out of the corner. And out of the bag. When it’s stuffed down in to the black plastic abyss, you can’t see what it is anymore. Which is good if you want to forget you ever wore that crop top as a mid-thirties mom. But if you’re trying to keep giving value to these items that were so special to you, it’s time to look back through it.

Catalog the Clutter.

As you dig it back out, put the items into categories. You’re likely not getting rid of it because it’s old and worn out. You’re simply sorting out what doesn’t fit your toddler anymore after he hit an insane growth spurt!  Or what you saved from an older sibling that little sister ended up not fitting that size in that season. You need categories for: this could be valuable to someone else, and this is holey underwear. Seems quite obvious which pile will be towering after cataloging.

Consign the Clutter.

So now you’ve recognized that the majority of your identified clutter is only unusable in your house. To another momma whose toddler hit the crazy growth spurt and all of last week’s pants are high waters, your kid’s next-size clothing would be a gift! To the young mom whose baby just started crawling, that baby gate you dug out of the basement is exactly what she needs for 5 minutes to make dinner. It’s time to sell these items at a Rhea Lana’s Consignment Event.

Clean the Clutter.

When you think of it this way, you can get your still lovable pieces ready to pass on. If you pulled it out of the closet or dresser, it’s probably clean. But also probably wrinkly or unbuttoned or inside out. Make the effort to wash, iron, button, or straighten the items that you’re ready to consign. You’ll need to hang your items on plastic hangers to make them easy to see and ready to sell.  For some easy tips on how to ready your items, view this short how to.

Cash in on the Clutter.

Chances are there is a Rhea Lana’s Event near you. You can check out upcoming spring events to find the closest place to turn your clean and valuable clutter into cash. Of course your closet cleanout is still full of life and love to offer another family like you. Your closet cleanout is also full of life and love to your own family too. Use your check for a spring break trip. Save toward this summer’s Disney vacation. Turn it into a special allowance for your kids. Or don’t even tell the kids and treat yourself to a spa day and momma shopping spree.


Marie Kondo is right. Clutter in your closet isn’t worth it. But clutter that you’ve purged, made useful for another family, and earned a paycheck on is something to be thanked!