Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

If you’re not contemplating piling all of your clothes onto your bed this weekend, per Marie Kondo’s tidying advice, who even are you? It seems like every Instagram story is another picture of someone’s closet mound. Those I like. The pictures I’m jealous of are the neat and decluttered closet aftermath. Seeing those all week long were enough to convince me to grab a stack of black trash bags and start sorting.

I’m a natural cleaner. In many of Marie’s stories she recounts cleaning her siblings’ rooms as a child. Same, girl, same!  I’m the kind of person who cannot even think in the middle of a mess, but the KonMarie tidying journey takes it to a whole nother level.  I’m ready to dive in to purging and decluttering too.

Here are 5 reasons that the KonMarie method is sparking joy in moms everywhere.

1. Finally, our kids can blame someone else for making them clean up. How many times have your kids groaned and grumbled when you ask them to clean up their toys? It happens in my house every single day. Somehow, I always end up feeling like the cleaning sergeant in our home. Not anymore. I’m blaming it all on Marie. Thank you, fellow mother of two messy girls! You’re changing our routine and our reasons!

2. One and done.  I saw a January purging plan on Pinterest for 30 days of cleaning. Who likes to drag out cleaning over an entire month? KonMarie challenges the cleaner to devote a few hours to one big cleaning session. You can easily do this in a day. I should add though that just because the sorting is done in one day doesn’t mean the bags full of consignment and donation items go anywhere for weeks. Am I right?

3. She knows the value in our possessions. Sure they can absolutely bring us joy, but she’s given us the freedom to let go also. She knows that possessions are for usefulness. Not for nostalgia. She gives us all the permission to get on with ourselves past our freshman rush t-shirt or our baby’s bib worn while trying solids for the third time. It’s okay. I think I saved the spoon. Hey, we’re moving on together.


Just because an item doesn’t bring joy or usefulness to you anymore doesn’t mean it’s worthless. No way! Lots of moms are out there looking for baby bibs, adorable play clothes, and christening dresses. You don’t need to hoard yours in your closet. You need to thank it for the value it gave you and free it to give the value to the next family. Consigning your clutter at a Rhea Lana’s event is a great way to pass on the goods and earn money to pocket for your smart work. And obviously, a little extra cash sparks joy in all of us!

4. You decide what to keep. Minimalism at the collector’s choice is not a bad way to do it. By putting the decision into your own hands (literally holding each item), you get to see for yourself how useful or forgettable the item is. In other tidying experiences, a cleaning guru marches in to dictate what goes. That’s a rough way to part with your possessions. The KonMarie journey is a gentle one, which makes it actually sustainable. 

5. The joy concept makes us smarter shoppers. Once we’ve accepted the idea and understanding that our possessions can bring us joy for an appropriate amount of time, we can become masters at saying no to new items that don’t. Any new item that isn’t worth its price tag fits in the joyless category! That’s another reason that smart moms shop at Rhea Lana’s for their kids’ needs. The price is right. The value is great. The experience of shopping for your whole family’s wardrobes for the upcoming season in one stop is sure to be easy, which always equals joy in my book.

You should try it! Apparently, you can even teach kids to purge their own possessions too. I have not tried that yet, because I just really don’t want to deal with it. My method in getting rid of my kids’ clothes and clutter is using those precious school day and naptime hours when they have no idea I’m doing it! If you do it with your kids, let me know how it goes.


Have fun purging. I think you’ll find comfort in the cleanliness!