Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

“This year was awful. Just awful,” my friend shared over lunch today. “I can’t wait to get on to the next one!” Her year was worse than awful. She was diagnosed and rigorously treated for a deadly disease. She lost a family member. She endured hurtful family drama after the loss of said family member. What a hard year, we both lamented.

“And that helps me know how I want to spend the next year I’m getting!” she continued. “We’re planning to travel. We’re sharing special weeks with our family. We’re giving gifts to our loved ones that we would want to receive. We’re going to enjoy each other more…thanks to all the hard in this past year.”

She’s right. Whether 2018 has been hard or happy, looking back helps us look ahead. This is the time when you’re thinking back on the year that’s past and planning on the one to come. That’s a good way to prioritize your time and your family.

As you celebrate ringing in a welcomed new season, here’s a fun way to help you reflect on 2018 as you refocus for the year to come. This is a great idea to use to get conversations going with your kids too while they’re home on holiday break.

And after you have reminisced to your heart’s delight, goal set hard for the year ahead. We love this printable from Arts & Classy’s blog. You will be prepared with a strategic plan plus daily action steps and self-defined deadlines to help you stick to your resolutions in the New Year. Ready, set, goal! Join our community conversation about it over on our Rhea Lana’s Instagram too.