Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

If you haven’t been to a holiday party yet, then you’re probably hosting it. The busyness of this season makes it all the merrier. So here are a few ideas we’ve gathered to make bringing your people together easy and fun.

Host a party for your kids. This North Pole Party is adorable. This blogger gives a complete how to of setting up a breakfast party that has become their family’s favorite tradition. She provides prep tips, recipes, and pep talk for a tired mom wanting to make December exciting for their family.

Host a party for your girlfriends. We’re all tight on money and we’ve worn our fancy wardrobes to the office parties so host a girls’ night in. Invite your friends to come to your Flannels and Flapjacks party in Christmas PJs. Don’t get a babysitter. Schedule the party to start after the kids are in bed. Then enjoy cozy time around the tree with your mom friends. 

Host a family party. You can’t go wrong with asking your friends and their kids to dress up in ugly sweaters and come over for a festive time.  Including the kids on this one lets them in on the fun but also gets them to help with the hosting. Here’s a cute DIY garland your kids can make for the party.

Host your extended family for the holidays. Inviting your brother and his wife plus 3 rowdy boys…Adding your mom and stepdad to the guest list, and his adult daughter and significant other… the number of people can get high really fast. But that’s ok! A big family gathering with some awkwardness is what the holidays are about, right? If your house is the one where everyone will land, these planning guides will come in clutch. This blogger even offers a free printable planning help, complete with cutesy add on DIY décor, yummy classic recipes, and leftovers labels.

You have two weeks to get everyone together! Start inviting your loved ones and enjoying the sweetness of the season.