Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

We know you’re not planning your whole holiday meal around your picky little eaters. But if you don’t even consider a few dishes they’ll enjoy, your Thanksgiving table is going to get pretty whiney.

Definitely stick with your traditions. They’ll grow into them. But to keep your (and your grandma’s) sanity on Thursday, we suggest adding some of these kid-friendly recipes into the mix.

Cheese Tray Turkey

 What kid doesn’t like cheese and crackers? This is a festive way to serve it up too. So you’ll probably need to count on the grown ups grazing on this turkey shaped appetizer too. Get the how to here.

Roasted Green Beans

My kids like everything plain. Which is a problem when our family makes green bean casserole and creamed cornbread casserole and dressing with “green speckles.” Why not make a nonfancy version of veggies for your kids? Here’s an easy roasted green beans recipe.

Macaroni and Cheese

This is such a given I’m sure you already thought of it. If you’re wanting to go a little more upscale than Kraft for Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t have to forego the box altogether. Trader Joe’s has an amazing boxed mac and cheese. No one would ever know it wasn’t homemade. And if Trader Joe’s isn’t in your hometown, make this copycat recipe that is almost as easy.

Caramel Apple Bar

What a cute idea! It adds in a fall fruit that we all love. And a little bit of DIY that every kid will enjoy. Slice some apples. Buy the jarred caramel sauce. Use your leftover Halloween candy as toppings and you’re set. This blogger also has some cute printables to go with it if you want to get crafty with it.

It’s Thanksgiving. You don’t have to get crazy with catering to your children. But you know they’ll be there and they will be hungry. So hey a protein, a green veggie, a carb, and a sweet they’ll eat can get you through the day.