Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Whether you enjoy watching the Thanksgiving parade, cheering for your favorite football team, or simply just indulging in some delicious food, there is so much to love about Thanksgiving. Family and friends come together to celebrate, and it's the perfect time to have some fun while enjoying each others company. These printable bingo cards from are the perfect way to add some festive fun to your day! With versions for younger kids, big kids, and even for grown-ups, everyone can participate in the game! 


Rather than a free space in the middle, be sure to say what you're thankful for before kicking off the fun!


Instructions for Thanksgiving Bingo

  1. First, download the bingo cards and calling cards. Depending on who’s playing, you can download little kid, big kid or adult cards.
  2. Cut out each icon on the calling cards and place the squares in a bowl. The caller will pull these, so that each player can mark the corresponding boxes on their bingo card.
  3. Gather candy or coins to to use as bingo card markers. If you’re not going to reuse the cards, you can also use pens or pencils.
  4. Instruct each player to put their first marker onto the free space in the middle of the card.
  5. The assigned caller will begin by picking out a calling card. They will announce these one at a time, and the players will mark them as they show on their bingo card. Once a player has filled out a row of five, they will call out “BINGO!” and they win the game.