Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Allie Pace

….well don’t! But since it’s shopping season and we all have little ones to bring in tow it’s time to think through how to pull it off.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Did you sing that as you read it? Because I sang it as I typed it! :) We’re still a week out from Thanksgiving but our family is already fixated on all things Christmas. We might even crack and put up the tree this week.

You better believe we’re already looking for Black Friday deals. If you’ve tried to go shopping with little people before, you know how strenuous it can be, to say the least. Whether you’re keeping them out overnight for Black Friday shopping (which we seriously don’t recommend!) or buckling them in the cart for regular holiday shopping, we’ve come up with a few tips for shopping with your kids this holiday season.

First things first. If you’re planning to go Black Friday shopping, we’re just going to state the obvious. Do everything possible to not take your kids! Leave them at home with Grandma and Grandpa. Offer to take your friend’s kids for a few hours so that she can get some good shopping in, then switch! Ask your husband to pull dad duty so you can make mega headway on Christmas lists. Shoot, even pay a sitter with all that leftover mullah from the great deals. Black Friday shopping is worth it, but it’ll be rough dragging your kids through the crowds so find another way.

Maximize your Rhea Lana’s Event! Especially if you have a Winter Holiday Event near you. Even though we’re nearing the end of event season, there are still a few more sales out there! And if you’re lucky, maybe there’s one near you! If you’re participating in a Rhea Lana’s event soon, our advice is to volunteer so you can shop early and get all the best deals! You could easily get all your holiday shopping done for your kids.

Have realistic expectations and pick realistic places to go. If you’re taking kids with you as you shop, consider these things. Try to make a plan that includes breaks for meals and nap schedules. A realistic schedule for a baby or toddler might be to eat breakfast, go shopping for 3-4 hours, then head home for lunch and an afternoon nap. Maybe you could head back out to the stores afterward with a well-rested babe. If you have elementary-school-aged kids, make plans to eat at a fun place for lunch as a reward for good behavior or just a bribe to be cooperative. As for realistic places to go, your kids might be excited to help you pick out what their cousins will get. Make it a team effort!

And of course, the crown jewel for all kids: snacks, a fully charged iPad, and a few toys. When you take your kids with you, remember to stock your bag with all the things they need and a few pieces of entertainment too.

These aren't new ideas but hopefully reading them gave you some holiday shopping inspo and a plan of how to fill the tree with gifts this season.