Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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There are SO many fun things to do in the Fall! We made a list of 10 things you can do as a family that range in time intensity and cost to hopefully fit as many lifestyles as possible.

1. Visit a local Orchard. Pick your own apples and then go home and make a homemade apple pie! Making a pie with kids will be time consuming, no doubt, but it’ll be a memory they’ll never forget!

2. Paint pumpkins. Who wants to wait until a few days before Halloween to carve pumpkins? Let your kids paint/decorate a pumpkin now to start getting into the holiday spirit! 

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3. Do a nature scavenger hunt on a hike or walk. This is great because it gets the family outside exercising together and it becomes extra fun when you’re looking for wild life and critters!  

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4. Fall movie night. Consider breaking out one of your favorite seasonal movies to introduce to your kids like Hocus-Pocus! If your kids are too little for that movie, Netflix has lots of kid friendly Halloween movies to choose from. 

5. The Classics. Corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay ride and hot apple cider. Can’t go wrong with any of those!

6. Fall craft. Make a Fall thankfulness wreath. Easy, fun, and good for the heart. 

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7. Go to a Fall festival. Festivals are great for the food, games, rides, food, prizes, and did we mention food?! 

8. If you carve your pumpkins for Halloween try baking the pumpkin seeds. Nutritious and delicious! You can find tons of easy recipes on Pinterest.

9. Have a friendly competition amongst the family members on who can find the prettiest Fall leaf! Don’t forget to vote on it! Everyone gets one vote and you can’t vote for yourself! 

10. Invite your kids friends over and have a Halloween costume party and make your own candy apples. Yum! 


We sure are loving all things Fall here at Rhea Lana’s! We hope a few of these get you excited to celebrate Fall too!