Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

A hardworking hospice nurse, Cheryl Price, delicately cared for many families during their aging parents’ and grandparents’ last stages of life. One of those families ended up unexpectedly changing her life. 

Two elderly patients had a particularly kind and handsome grandson who happened to take great notice in the kind and beautiful care Cheryl provided his grandparents. Their respect and love grew for each other as Cheryl excelled in her sacred professional responsibility of walking with his family during a difficult time. When it was time for Cheryl’s care to end, Hayden and Cheryl wanted their time together to continue. Hayden asked Cheryl out for coffee. Now they’re living happily ever after raising four kids, owning three businesses, and loving every minute with each other.

Though Cheryl enjoyed her profession as a hospice nurse, she quickly realized that she would enjoy a profession that she could share with her husband even more. So, when Cheryl and Hayden moved their family to a new city, Wichita Falls, Texas, last spring, they decided to open a business they could run together.

As a mom to four Cheryl knows the value of every minute and every penny. She knew that whatever business endeavor she chose had to be time friendly and family friendly. She also wanted it to help other moms like her trying to live the simple, good life focused on making a happy home. Cheryl found exactly that with a Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment franchise.

Cheryl immediately understood the well-oiled machine of a Rhea Lana’s business as a savvy thinker. As shopping, consigning mom, Cheryl also understood the good quality, the good price, the amazing community that Rhea Lana’s brand provides to all the families who need it. She didn’t waste any time! In just under 6 months from her initial contact with another Rhea Lana’s franchise owner, Cheryl is hosting the grand opening of her first sale event this week!

The Wichita Falls community has excitedly welcomed Cheryl and the new sale. One shopper, upon returning home with her goods, texted Cheryl a picture of her sweet 5-month-old in the new chair purchased at Rhea Lana’s. Having the continued confirmation of grateful shoppers gives Cheryl and Hayden instant gratification about owning a Rhea Lana’s.

And the consignors are happy too. When the Facebook feed of questions about the sale started stacking up, the knowledgeable consignors began filling in the answers and suggestions for first-time shoppers. Cheryl is certainly accomplishing her desire to bond relationally and serve the families in her new community.


She admits that owning her own business is hard. The weeks around the sale event are a lot of late nights, trusting others to babysit the kids, and feeling guilty for being away. But Cheryl is thankful for these 10-day spurts a couple times a year instead of the night and weekend shifts common with a nursing career. And even when she’s working late setting up shop, her husband Hayden is there by her side. They view it as work, but it is special time that they get to share together.


Cheryl and Hayden are so certain that Rhea Lana’s is a business that serves families of the owners, consignors, and shoppers alike that they have already purchased another Rhea Lana’s Franchise in Tyler, Texas, set to open in 2019.