Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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All athletic wear is the best wear, right? From one athletic wear junkie to another... I feel the struggle of sliding on a pair of jeans after wearing leggings for a week straight. I also applaud the creative genius who chooses to dress up a pair of leggings for a night out on the town. best decision of the entire week.

A bad pair of leggings simply just doesn’t exist- glad we’re on the same page. But let’s get to the bottom of what pair is best for you, your lifestyle, and your practice. 

When I started working at lululemon, my understanding of why fabric and function is so important was limited. It went from 0 to 100 really quick. Before working in the world of athleisure, I was just on the hunt for a solid pair of tights that were comfortable and did a good job at masking my lovely little dimples. What I didn’t know was that the function of my tights should drastically change the fabric I was purchasing. But let’s be real, who does?

Let this mini-blog be a little guide and FYI to get you in fabric that fits YOU and your lifestyle. You deserve to be feeling and looking 100, mama. 

Many times, you can narrow down the fabric by the way it feels. But if you can’t don’t be afraid to take a peek at the tag or snag a sales associate and ask! 

Fabric family #1: cotton-based fabrics 

Yogi mamas. Barre mamas. Or mamas who value comfort over everything - this fabric family should be your go to. It’s soft to the touch and as comfortable as comfortable gets. Cotton-based fabrics are friendly for your local studio workout. They wear well for any lounging activity or gentle sweat. However, keep in mind- this fabric wasn’t designed for the function of high sweat, high friction activities. ex. running, excessive walking, cycling, heavy lifting etc. *If your leggings begin to pill, try purchasing a technical fabric tight to better support you and your lifestyle!

Fabric family #2: technical fabrics

Cross fit mamas. Cyclestar mamas. Or marathon mamas- this fabric family is your friend. It feels technical to the touch. I know technical seems like a weird word, but you just know it when you feel it. Think Nike dry-fit, lululemon luxtreme, etc. Technical fabric is the queen of any sweaty activity. It’s bound to keep you looking cool and feeling dry all summer long through any and every activity. It was designed with the intention of carrying you through your super sweaty, high friction workouts. I tend to always buy technical tights because they can take me from a hot yoga session in the morning to a post-work sweaty jog with friends in the summer. If you like simplicity and want a one fabric fits all legging- this fabric is your jam. 

Now, get to shopping mama! You deserve to look good and feel supported wherever your day takes you.