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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Starting to work out again post baby took me WAY longer then I’d like to admit. When my baby was just a few months old I felt like I was always feeding her, changing a diaper, cleaning something up, or putting her down for a nap. And when she was down for a nap I felt like I didn’t have the emotional or physical energy to work out! Hence the waiting (probably too long) until now to start working out again!

A few things have changed that have helped me get to a place that I’m excited to work out again. First, my baby’s nap schedule has become way more predictable. She takes two 1.5-hour naps. Plenty of time to work out. Second, I found a work out I could do in my living room or on my back porch while my baby naps. Third, the work out was only 30 minutes if not shorter. Nap time is precious to a momma, so I didn’t want to use the entire nap to work out! Curious what this work out was?!

Maybe you’ve heard of it. I had, just had never tried it. It’s called BBG (bikini body guide) by Kayla Itsines.  There’s an app that goes along with it called SWEAT, it cost $20 a month and it’s worth every penny in my book! It shows you step by step every part of the work out, what you need for the work out, times you, and offers different playlists to go with it. The app is broken up into a full week’s work out. Three resistance workouts, three cardio work outs, a rest day, recovery stretches, and a challenge day if you’re feeling up for it. They even offer a BBG beginners course for 3 weeks before the 12-week program if you’re interested! (Which I did and loved!) and even though the work out is under 30 minutes you will definitely feel like you got a solid work out!

Another cool aspect about the app is you can actually pick from 4 different instructors who have different types of workouts including a work out made specifically for post-pregnancy.

I heard about BBG and the SWEAT app from 2 mom bloggers who regularly talked about it, shared their own work out journeys, and answered questions about it!  Something that one of them said that encouraged me was that it took her 6 weeks to start seeing results. And I’ve found that to be true. So, stick with it! And even before I started seeing results I felt stronger even after 1 week!

This being said, I have tons of mom friends who love physically going to a gym and working out! BBG is a great at home option if you’re looking for one!  My encouragement is if you’re like me and just need a push to get out there again and start working out, take this as your sign! Working out makes you feel better, gives you confidence, energy and is great for body and soul! You got this momma!

Below are some pictures from the SWEAT app.