Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Let’s be real for a minute. When it comes to having your first baby to having your fourth, it looks very different, every time. You may still prepare the same way by frantically nesting a spot in your house for a newborn or making sure every dog hair is swept up off the floor & furniture. But, the amount of baby items & clothes begin to decrease with every child.

Baby #1 gets spoiled the most at the beginning of their little life, and they don’t even know it. Baby #2 gets as many hand-me-downs as they can, same gender or not, and then gets a few extra special things. Baby #3 rarely gets a baby shower. AND let’s be real, does Baby #4 even get a Facebook post introduction to the world?! Now, I am just kidding on Baby #4, because did you even have a baby if you didn't post some type of announcement to the social media world?

I have been preparing to welcome our second child into the world. I have learned, in life, the chaos only seems to grow, and I have not spent as much time as I did preparing as a did with my daughter.

We are having a little boy. Any boy mama knows, it’s harder to find the cute outfits and baby items for boys. Well, I am going to share with you the items I have found that I LOVE that are gender neutral and for boys. I didn’t really want to spend an arm and a leg, so most of these items are deals!!

We don’t have a ton of space to create a beautifully large nursery, so we utilized a small loft space right outside our master bedroom. I decided to narrow down the crucial large furniture items for a baby. So, you won’t find an amazing teepee or baby swing in this room. I included just a small bassinet I found second-hand that fit our home motif, perfectly! And, it was only $15! The blanket hanging off the bassinet was also a second-hand find for $5. I plan on using it as a floor blanket. I love hanging up special phrases, quotes, and bible verses in our home. So, when I found this print from House of Belonging, I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to be hanging over my sleeping newborn.

There are A LOT of different ways to help a newborn sleep. I am not here to tell you one way is better than another. We just love to swaddle our babies, and I love finding soft swaddles to cuddle my baby with.

I had a major panic at 35 weeks that my baby was going to come early. He was already bigger (supposedly) than my first, and all I had were VERY GIRLY blankets. I freaked out and bought a few swaddles that I knew were going to be perfect for my little boy. Here are a few of my favorites... sun swaddlepalm tree swaddle (this set is my favorite because this brand is SO SOFT) tassel blanket (I will use this one just for him to lay down on because of the tassels) and lastly the grey palm leaves.

This past Spring, I shopped at my local Rhea Lana’s event and found the majority of baby boy’s wardrobe for the first few months of his life. I spent a fraction of what I would have it bought them at retail price!! I just did a little planning before shopping at Rhea Lana’s so I could get exactly what I needed for him. A lot of the clothes I bought are really well-known brands like Tea Collection & Petunia Pickle Bottom. Planning ahead is key, when shopping at Rhea Lana’s. I come in with a list of everything I need. I always shop each event with a color scheme in mind for each child. I know that sounds SO SILLY, but I naturally gravitate towards colors, and it makes my shopping experience quicker and better!

Lastly, here is what I am packing for baby boy’s hospital bag! I totally over-packed last time. I brought my nursing pillow, breast pump, nipple cream…I mean I brought it all. Now, I know the hospital provides a lot of stuff you need for the baby. So, here’s a shot of the fun stuff I am bringing for him. First off, everyone needs this diaper bag from Amazon. It is a serious steal. I’ll let you discover all of its cool tricks. I have a sweet little tank onesie I bought on sale. This designer is Australian, so it’s the perfect brand to shop for deals because when its Summer in the United States, it’s Winter in Australia!! I am bringing a few different swaddles for the perfect pictures. I received the Slumberkins Bigfoot as a gift, and I could not help but throw him in the bag. He’s just too cute and cuddly. We never did a pacifier for my daughter, but I am bringing one along for baby boy, just in case. I have heard great reviews on this type of pacifier, so I am hoping it helps him cope after his big boy surgery.

I am so excited to welcome a second life into this world! I hope this baby guide for #2 helps you find some fun and exciting deals. Never assume you can’t find cute hand-me-downs and second-hand baby items for the little ones in your life!