Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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By Tracy Lane

Mothering is an enormous honor. And it can feel enormously overwhelming. When else in our lives does the very physical and emotional wellbeing of another person rest on us? And if you have more than one child, go ahead and multiply the honor and the weight that you feel. Don’t forget to add in the exhaustion.

Motherhood is a daunting privilege. I can speak for myself, and likely most moms, in saying I really don’t want to mess this up…but I don’t always know how to do this! That’s why, as moms especially, we need each other.

So let’s use Mother’s Day this year to thank our mom tribes.

-Who show us that they’re struggling too.

-Who walk in the room looking as tired as we do.

-Who dress in ketchup stained shirts but tote hairbowed kids.

-Who love their families hard even when it isn’t easy.

-But still find time to encourage us, remember extra snacks when meeting for the play date, and babysit our kids so we can go to the dentist.

The minute we try to do motherhood on our own is the minute it feels impossible.

If you don’t have a mom squad, find one! Hit up weekly preschool play groups or library story times for young kids. With young elementary kids, invite the mom and your child’s friend out for pizza after the soccer game. Volunteer in your child’s classroom if you can. Use parties as times to get to know other moms too, instead of a child-free time to catch up on your work email in the corner.

And if you’ve done the awkward work of introducing yourself across a sticky Chick-Fil-A table, it’s time to thank the mom who responded.

We love this free printable that’s made just for passing on to the important moms in your life. Print off several, scrawl a quick note, and pass them to your mom friends at your next play date. Trust us, they’ll be encouraged and they might even get the idea to write one back to you. We all need to know we’re noticed in the daily moments. Be the one to tell your friends you recognize and appreciate their investment in their kids.

*This printable is from Minted Strawberry