The Baby Shower That Keeps on Giving

I just wrapped up my 12th Rhea Lana event; it was another wonderful week full of inspiring women, great fashion, and tired feet. Every year as I start to get my items ready to consign and as I go and shop to find all the treasures, I think about my very first baby shower and all the people who blessed our family with gifts when welcoming our first child into the world.


I feel an overwhelming thankfulness for their generosity, for taking the time to go and pick out a gift just for us, preparing us for this wild ride of parenting. It was such sweet moments of feeling loved, cared for and blessed beyond measure.  I’m sure none of those people even know how grateful we are and that we still think of them and all the things that were done for us five years later.


They set up in my life the baby shower that has kept on giving.  After that first set of gifts, we have been consigning and buying at Rhea Lana’s.  When my daughter grew out of all her baby clothes, I consigned them and then turned around and bought her next season’s wardrobe at Rhea Lana’s with the money I made from consigning. Then, I did the same thing the next season, and the next and the next.


So, that first baby shower has provided my kids wardrobes for the past five years! Wow! Do you see why I get so emotional around Rhea Lana’s time and can’t help but think of all the sweet people from my very first baby shower? As I pull out the clothes that are too small to continue wearing, I think about how fast my babies are growing, how short this season is, and how blessed I’ve been in my life.



Five years ago when so much love was shown to me, I promised myself that I would never let an opportunity to celebrate the birth of a new baby of my friends and family.  Every baby is a gift and should be celebrated in some way.

And who knows? If the person you are blessing is a Rhea Lana’s fan, the gift will just keep on giving for years to come.


Rhea Lana Blog contributor Amanda Farris