Adorable Easter Outfit Ideas for Kids

Whether you lean more toward timeless traditional with floral and pastels or if you go trendy with a hat and cuffed colored pants, here are some adorable Easter looks you need to see.

Sibling Matching is so classic. You can’t go wrong with coordinating colors or even exact patterns. If you have the same gender siblings put them in that matching seersucker dress for as many years as they’ll agree to it! If you have a boy/girl mix, it’s super cute to match the girls’ dresses with the boys’ button downs. And hey, don’t leave it to the kids. Find Dad a matching shirt and Mom a coordinating dress. Don’t forget to snap a picture…and hope your kids will all actually smile.

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sibling outfits, easter, spring, brother outfits

Floral dresses shout spring! They’re bright, cheery, and feminine. The bursting flowers remind us of new life, which is great for springtime and represents the true meaning of Easter: eternal life. If Easter Sunday is chilly, a simple white cardigan is a great complement to this piece. 

easter dresses, floral dresses, easter, spring

Chambray layers are a trendy way to warm up your Easter outfit. While dressing up in fancy Sunday best, especially on Easter Sunday, used to be standard, it seems that many churches and communities are more lax on Sunday morning attire. Chambray layers are a perfect in between. Layer these over a dress or find a jacket in blazer cut to dress these up. Dress this down by pairing it with white or bright denim bottoms.

easter, chambray, easter, spring

Bowties are the sweetest way to dress up your little gentleman! And the fastest way to charm a momma’s heart! There are so many cute clip on bowties out there in solids, spring prints, even floral on this accessory is appropriate for an Easter outfit.

bowtie, Spring, Outfit, Easter Outfit

Pastel Pants are a lot of fun this time of year. They add a nice pop of color and are versatile enough for boys or girls. Prep it up with suspenders and boat shoes. Or go modern by cuffing the pant legs and slipping on tennis shoes so he’s ready for the backyard egg hunt. These are right in every color and any style.

Ruffles win most adorable classic little girl’s staple. Ruffles as an accent on a dress are a nice touch. Or go all the way to head to toe ruffles. We can’t get enough of the ruffle pants and matching tops! We all know the bigger the bow the better the momma, right? Make it a head-sized ruffled bow and you totally win Mom of the Year.

With so many fabulous choices it’s hard to choose. The best part about all of these adorable options is that they will last through the summer season. That’s a must every mom knows when buying new sets. Have you gotten your family’s Easter get-up yet? Let us know what pieces your kids will be wearing on Easter Sunday.




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