8 Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and if your life is anything like mine then the grandparents are calling, texting and emailing the annual “what do the kids want for Christmas?” question. While one could just say, “An iPad!” and have it be full truth, the reality is that there are so many great toys out there that can teach AND foster creativity all at once.

This TODDLER GIFT GUIDE is certainly not all-inclusive, but in our house these gifts are tried-and-true; they are still the go-to toys for my preschooler and the apple of my baby’s eye. When we have friends over these are the toys that all of the other kids gravitate to after the newness of a singing bouncing light-up toy has lost its luster.

These are classics, and while you are under no obligation to buy this exact brand, these should give a great idea for the options that are out there.


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1. A kitchen set is a great way to foster interest in the culinary arts and start to weed out pickiness without having to watch the kitchen knives like a hawk. I’m a big proponent of getting a few of the cooking tools and food as well, although it could be fun to take the kiddos shopping at a local thrift store and have them outfit their own kitchen at a fraction of the cost!

2. A teepee is such a fun addition to any playroom, but can also make a great storage facility as well. We have used ours as a fort, a reading nook, a hiding place and many more. The biggest idea being that a kid who has their own creative space is a happy kid!

3. While trains lean more in the “boy toy”direction they certainly aren’t exclusively for boys. We love this set and the fact that it’s easy to transport from room to room or house to house, and the train cars all fit nicely inside making storage and cleaning up a breeze!

4. A good Duplo set is a must-have for toddlers. Yes, there are a lot of parts, but it’s so worth it. We use ours to build towers and towns of varying sizes, and I can’t wait to see what my younger one uses them to make.

5. Wooden alphabet and numbers puzzles are always a win, and I’m of a “the more the merrier”state of mind with these. My preschooler has used them for years, first learning shape recognition and then moving right along to reciting the alphabet and then spelling words and creating sentences. Alphabet and numbers puzzles are winners all around and can stand the test of time.

6. We have had an easel for almost two years now and have used it every single day. In my mind it’s a must-have as we move from scribbling nonsense all over it to writing words and sentences. It enhances creativity and is a really fun place for us to all sit together and work on creating together. I bit of warning: chalk is really dusty and not my favorite to clean, but these dry erase crayons are pretty much magical.

7. Remember math cubes? I know I do, and as much fun as they were to play with when I was in school I can only imagine means they are equally if not more so for my little guy. They double as blocks, but are beginning to teach him the meaning of addition and subtraction. I love seeing that light switch turn on when he “gets”it, and there’s a reason that teachers have been using these things for decades now!

8. I’m a huge proponent of getting outside and teaching kids as much as we can about the earth and how things grow. Starting off with a gardening set of their own gives them ownership over that learning, and teaches responsibility as they clean up and take care of these tools themselves.

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