5 Easter Crafts to Try This Week

By Tracy Lane

Happy Easter week! I hope you have your pastel patterned dresses and bowties ready for Sunday. There’s no shame in some matching mom and dad Easter outfits too.

If you’re like me, your little ones have a long weekend off school to ring in the Easter celebration. I’m here to help you pass the time of extra days off school with some festive fun.

Try these seasonal crafts to enjoy the holiday with your family.

1. Eater bunny handprint. There’s no sweeter craft than those that have your child’s literal handprint on them. Those are the ones you tuck away to cry over when they graduate kindergarten, then middle school and beyond. Here’s an easy tutorial.

2. Bunny Hat For the dress up lover in your life, and because we all have paper plates on hand, here’s a no fail bunny hat. If this is a hit in your house, keep this idea on hand. It’s versatile for almost any holiday!

3. Stained Glass Easter Eggs Try a low mess version of a classic Easter tradition. If you don’t want to hard boil dozens of stinky eggs to dye, these stained glass eggs are a beautiful alternative. You need tissue paper and contact paper and you’re set for a craft to hang in the windows during Easter lunch.

4. Easter Flower Craft If you’re a legit enough coffee lover, then you have a stack of coffee filters in the cabinet. These are the craft supply of our childhood! Let your kids have some fun with them too in making this easy flower craft.

5. Dye Eggs Okay so maybe the hard boiled eggs don’t stink so bad that you can guiltlessly opt out of the timeless Easter craft. If the weather is warm enough, set up a dying station on your back patio to keep the indoor stains to a minimum. You can go classic by dipping eggs in colored vinegar water. Or go trendy by rolling eggs in colored shaving cream.

Get to crafting to make memories with your family this week!