4 Ways to Celebrate Dad for Father’s Day

Yesterday I overheard, “If you’re going to miss a parent holiday miss Father’s Day; dads don’t mind being overlooked.” But c’mon, ladies. Our men deserve some recognition for all the work they put in.

Sure there are likely times when you wish the effort was different or maybe more. But June 18 is the day to celebrate the gigantic role our children’s father plays in their lives. The burden that dads carry is a big one. Don’t let the weekend pass without you and your children saying THANK YOU to their dad.

Here are 4 ways to celebrate that man in your life.

  1. Make his favorite meal. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Whip up his favorite meal. If you visit my house this weekend, you’ll find a batch of Spanish meatballs sizzling in the oven, cubed potatoes frying in the skillet, and baked beans waiting to be scooped. Get the kids to help too so they can understand doing something special for Daddy. It seems small because we make dinner so many nights. But it will speak love to your husband.
  2. Decorate the kitchen. Or bedroom. Or man cave. The specific room doesn’t matter. Just be sure it’s a place he’ll notice. One easy way to pull this off is to print one of the many free banners available on Pinterest. Personalize the décor by having your kids color signs or draw pictures of themselves with Dad.
  3. Give him a gift. This honestly doesn’t have to be anything fancy. The most meaningful gifts are the ones that are heartfelt. You can certainly pick up a new tie or pair of socks. But try getting something more specific. Does he like running? Try running shoes, headphones, or a watch. Fishing his thing? How about a tackle box, pole, or other gear. Does he enjoy sports? Purchase tickets to a sporting event you can attend as a family, get a shirt or coffee cup with his favorite team’s mascot, or give him a Sunday afternoon off to watch the game distraction free. If you’d like to go ultra thrifty, make a coupon book. (Here’s an easy free download.)  Coupon books make the gift last all year long and are great reminders of love on more than just Father’s Day.
  4. Make memories together. The best way to celebrate someone you love is by being with him. I know weekends are busy, but find time to carve out for you and the kids to focus on just your husband. Let him choose the activity or have something planned that you know he would like. Catch a movie. Take a hike. Stroll through Home Depot. Remember to say thank you and let him know how much you value what he does for your family.

Dads certainly matter to our children. Let’s celebrate that they do this weekend.