10 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids During Winter Break

It’s almost Christmas! Which is dreamy, magical, cozy, and sometimes also complicated. Maybe you’re juggling kids out of school while trying to still work an 8-5 schedule. Maybe your kids don’t do well out of routine. Maybe you have extra kids in the house who you only get to see a few times a year.


It feels like the pressure is on! But “Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school will start again...” really doesn’t have to be your motto over the next two weeks. Check out these ways to actually enjoy the time that you have with your children.

1. Surprise the kids with a pajama date. They’re out of school. Bedtimes aren’t as important. And Christmas lights are only out after dark. Get everyone into their pj’s per usual then tell them to get in the car. It’ll create a little Christmas cheer and in later years, it’ll be a fun memory that you’ll all be glad to share.

2. Make a Christmas craft every day. If your kids love crafting and creating like mine do, this will be their favorite time of day. Depending on their ages, you can make something simple like handprint Santas or Christmas tree all the way up to a fabric knotted tree or woven design. Here’s a great link for a broad span of age-appropriate but low key ideas. You can totally pull these off right at your kitchen table.

3. Take time to serve. Christmas is about giving, not just about getting. Pick one or two acts of kindness to commit. Maybe you’ll bake and deliver cookies to your local fire or police department in thanks for their service. Maybe you’ll choose to adopt and shop for a child who won’t have much this year. Angel Tree is a great place for this. Maybe you can volunteer to ring the Salvation Army bell greeting shoppers on their trek. Invite your kids to come up with some ideas and actually do them!

4. Go caroling. What a classic, but almost forgotten holiday practice. Gather some friends and serenade your neighborhood.

5. Visit your town’s Christmas tree. There is always that one (or more) special tree in each town. Make an afternoon out of visiting it and taking pictures around the twinkling lights.

6. Go to a Christmas Eve service. Singing Christmas hymns shoulder to shoulder in candlelight really is a magical. Check out a service at a church in your community and you’ll see why this tradition has lasted through the ages. 

7. Have a gingerbread house competition. This is easy. Grab a box of graham crackers, a tub of icing, and a couple bags of candy. Even use what you have laying around: marshmallows, chocolate chips, staling Halloween treats. Let your kids create their own masterpiece. Parents can jump in on the fun too. Team up if you’d like. This will be good, friendly competition that may spurn an annual rivalry.

8. Make Christmas cookies. Homemade, Betty Crocker package, Pillsbury slice and bake. They all count. Grab your favorite festive shapes and get to cutting. Be sure to ice and sprinkle those tasty stars, snowmen, and Santas too. 

9. Enjoy a merry breakfast. Special breakfasts don’t have to be reserved for Saturdays over holiday break. Whip up a treat to make the mornings fun. Try these Christmas tree waffles.

10. Take Christmas pictures. You’ll want the memories of your little ones growing up through the Christmases. But don’t lean out of all the pictures. Your kids will want the memories of you growing old with them through the Christmases.  Make sure to step into a few of those too!


Okay you’re set. Don’t dread the days you’ll have more time with your children over the next few weeks. The moments we get aren’t promised. So make the most of them and make the memories while you can!