10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

Let’s face it, stocking stuffers can sometimes be a last minute purchase and it can tend to be things our kids won’t even use.   It’s hard always knowing what to put in stockings but to most kids, stockings are what they look forward to the most.   Rhea Lana’s has some great ideas that will be easy on the pocket book but things your kids will enjoy and use.



Chop Sticks – Rather your kids eat Sushi or not, these are fun to have for practice or play.  $5.99 at Walmart

Stickers – Every kids loves stickers.  Walmart always has a great selection for boys and girls $1.99 at Walmart

Stationery or Note Cards – In a world that revolves around FB, Instagram and Texting, stationery or note cards is a great item to keep on hand for your kids to learn OLD SCHOOL communication.  $5.99 at Walmart

snow globe

Snow Globes – What kid doesn’t like a snow globe.   There are some really neat ones in stores these days.  $10.00 at Walmart

Journal – A journal is a great thing for kids to keep to log their childhood.   No, they aren’t just for girls.  $6.99 at Walmart

Card Games – Who doesn’t love Old Maid and Uno!!  Those games never get old,   $8.00 at Walmart


Band-aids – I don’t know about you but my daughter is obsessed with band-aids.   It really does make her day to have new Hello Kitty or Lisa Frank bandaids.   $.99 at Walmart

DVD – Who doesn’t love a new Disney DVD.   These are perfect for the stocking.  $15.00 at Walmart

Puzzles – On The Go Puzzles are trending.  These are great to take to grandma’s house to occupy the kids for a while.  $5.99 at Walmart

Candy – Ok, you know every kid wants something yummy in their stocking.   Candy (chocolate in my house) is perfect for a small treat.   $2.99 at Walmart