10 Must-Know Spring Fashion Trends

Wondering what’s going to be trendy this Spring? We’ve compiled a list of 10 trends to look out for! Good news is you may already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe from last season! We’ve also found a mom blogger or fashion blogger as an example for each trend! Hopefully this list will be helpful so you can shop smarter not harder the next time you're out and about!

1. Stripes- Stripes are a classic (and not to mention hot this season!) and chances are you already have a few striped shirts in your closet! So go ahead and pull them out for this Spring!

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2. “Mom” jeans- By “Mom” jeans we mean high waisted jeans. They can be stretchy or not, distressed or not. Either way, mom jeans are in! And more specifically we’ve been seeing a lot of traditional, no stretch, high waisted, classic “Levis” looking jeans out there this Spring!

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3. Overalls- Overalls can be an intimidating trend to try but the risk is definitely worth the reward!  They’re adorable! Some of our favorites are from Madewell!

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4. Mule heels- Mule heels were big this past Fall and will still be VERY popular this Spring and Summer! Here are a few we love from target and Madewell! If you’re looking, you’ll definitely be able to find an adorable pair at an awesome price!

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5. Lightweight sweaters- lightweight sweaters are not only adorable but GREAT for transitional weather! You can’t go wrong when you pair them with jeans or even jean shorts.

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6. Flare/ruffle sleeves- These have been statement pieces in all our closets since this past Fall and will again be very trendy for Spring/Summer!

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7. Floral- It’s everywhere! Go crazy! Pair a floral dress with nude sandals or layer a floral kimono over a basic tee like Melissa (@ellabrooksblog) and you’re good to go!

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8. Platform sandals- These are such a cute way to dress up a casual outfit like jeans or jean shorts and a t-shirt! Not to mention they’d be adorable paired with almost any Spring dress!

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9. Tying your shirts- We LOVE this trend! Most shirts are long anyways so why not tie your graphic tee in a knot on the side or in the middle then pair that with a skirt or jeans!

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10. Embroidery Details -Give us all the embroidery! Talk about a super fun boho trend for this Spring and Summer! Look at the cute details on the dresses and shirt! Want a sure fire way to be on point in your style and fashion forward this Spring? Go for the embroidery details!

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