Why Moms love Tim Tebow

There's been well over one million articles written about a 24-year-old football player named Tim Tebow. Is it because he's a Heisman trophy winner? Is it because he is the youngest  of 5 children from Florida? Is it because he's a Missionary Kid? Is it because he continues to excel, every time the talking heads say he can't do it? Is it because he's an outspoken Christian? Is it because he loves his family? Is it all of these things...and more?

Moms everywhere have also taken a sudden interest in the Denver Bronco's quarterback and football! He seems to be as famous for his personal life as he is for his sports career. He is known for his love of family and his commitment to the Lord. He has impeccable manners with all sports announcers and hasn't been captured in the tabloids in any compromising pictures or stories.

There are two things in life that I love tons – sports and underdogs.  As a matter of
fact, I probably watch more sports than anyone in my family, and we have two
grown men in our family!   For me, sports are a wholesome way to watch a little television and unwind at the end of a long workday.  I love the rules, the strategy and mostly pulling for any underdog.   I followed Tim Tebow a little bit while he was at Florida, and bought his book for my son and my daughter.  But this season, as I was listening to announcer after announcer discredit his football ability and throwing style –
and then I watched him respond to difficult questions during interviews, and ultimately,  watched him perform well in game time stressful situations……I’ve become increasingly protective of Tim Tebow, like any mother would of someone she cares for.   I don’t know Tim personally, but I’m so proud of how he is willing to be a leader, willing to be mocked at times, and also willing to be a famous role model for American kids.

According to the Los Angeles Times today,  Tim Tebow was named the most popular
athlete in a monthly ESPN poll, a completely shocking development since his name has been completely absent in the news as of late. In the poll, Tebow finished ahead of Kobe Bryant, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Another surprising development -- the humble, God-fearing Denver Broncos quarterback didn't brag about the accomplishment.

"What's that tell me?" Tebow said to reporters Thursday. "It tells me they have a lot
of crazy polls out there. I hope people see I'm real and genuine. I hope they
see that I make a ton of mistakes but that I always get back up and try again.

"But I'm very blessed. I'm trying to grow my foundation and things that like really help. They give me a platform. I feel like now I can walk into any Colorado hospital and talk to these kids that I want to help."

Tebow and the Broncos play the New England Patriots on Saturday in the NFL playoffs.

I know I’ll be watching and cheering for the Broncos,  Tim at quarterback and Von Miller on defense this Saturday along many, many other cheering moms across the world!!

Check out this article from Crosswalk ministries titled Mom Phenom: Tim Tebow.

How about you?  Are you watching more football than last year?

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