How will you spend your Rhea Lana check?

 We asked our Facebook friends how they were going to spend their Rhea Lana's consignor checks and these smart ladies have BIG plans! Moms are paying for surgeries, paying off credit card bills, and contributing to their family vacation fund. Way to go! There are many more Rhea Lana events coming this spring...what will you do with your money?

Need some ideas? ...

  • Reva D: My earnings go toward more clothes and renewing our zoo membership.
  • Brandy V: Paying for my kids preschool for two months! :)
  • Amy L: I am using my earnings to go towards a new wooden swing set for my girls!!!!!!
  • Michelle S: I used it to buy some clothes for new baby on the way!
  • Aileen V: My earnings were the best they have ever been. I had enough to buy two kids summer clothes and pay for part of our summer vacation.
  • Valerie W: I've bought a new double jogging stroller that I've been looking at since before Christmas but didn't want to spend the money on! My 3yr and 1yr old love our walks this week:)
  • Melanie S: saving for a beach trip!
  • Sarah S:More clothes!
  • Katherine M: I was so excited to sell 98% of what I consigned! The girls and I can't wait to spend the money on a new flower garden!
  • Katie J: A car payment!!
  • Jessica T: I plan to consign in Broken Arrow. I will use my earnings to decorate my little girls room. Ive never been a "matchy" person, but this four year old wants a rainbow room!
  • Sarah R: I was going to use my earnings to pay for what I spent from buying my son new clothes during the sale, but I'm still just waiting for that check to arrive.
  • Elisha N:I will use my earnings to go towards our family's mini vacation before or next child arrives :)
  • Kristi B: Large payment on the credit cards.
  • Jenni H: I use my earnings to buy new clothes and shoes for my 2 boys!
  • Emily H: I used my money for summer clothes from Rhea lana's for my little boy!
  • Caitlin B: I'm using my earnings to redecorate my daughter's room. We're upgrading to a toddler bed, so we're getting new sheets, curtains, and accessories.
  • Alison B: Sadly, our earnings are going to help payoff an adenoids surgery that my son has to have in a few weeks.  Lol...
  • Leigh W: I'm saving to take my kids on vacation to Disney World!!!!  So excited...made $900 between Conway/Russellville sales, what a wonderful start!!!! :)
  • Emily R: Going on a cruise to Mexico with my son. It's the one place in the world he said he wanted to go.  So he can have chips and salsa all day long :)
  • Dana T: IPhone 4S and was able to buy spring clothes for my girl!  Spent 370 on phone & clothes made 365.85 in Benton/Bryant.  How great!
  • Amanda S: This spring sale in Northwest Arkansas was my biggest sale ever!! And found lots of great deals for both my boys along with a John Deere bicycle for only $30!! Some of the money will go toward Easter basket goodies!! I love Rhea lana's!!
  • Tiffany D: We are using our earnings as spending money in Florida! Maybe a few other items at the next RL sale!
  • Amy D: I use the money I earn from selling old clothes to buy new clothes for my kiddos.
  • Tanya E: I used the money to pay my gas bill Hehe...
  • Amy W: I had the best earnings ever this time... My blood pressure went up at the pre sale when I spent 704! But that is adorable clothes for my 2 boys and our 3 foster children!!! Then I made 702 during the sale!!! God is good! I just basically got to trade out clothes and didn't have any loss! Love Rhea Lana!
  • Heather T: I buy my 2 lil girls awesome clothes with my earnings and whats left we are saving for our vacation this summer.
  • Ann T: Love Rhea Lana!!  Had an amazing sale in WLR. Planning on spending the $ towards a vacation this summer. Super excited!!
  • Dalaina C: One check paid off a cc and the other bought the kids spring/summer clothes!
  • Juliana R: My earnings are already long gone :). I got THE diaper bag I was coveting, a new carseat, a nap nanny and few other things we were lacking to finish getting ready for the baby girl we are expecting.
  • Heather B: I am using mine to get 2 new tires on my van so it is safer for my family.
  • Lindsay S: Im a stay at home mom of three boys a 5,3, and 1 year old. I used my earnings to treat my self to a spa day : )
  • Ellie J: Paid for ALL my kids clothes plus a couple birthday presents I bought at the sale & the rest is spending $$$ for vacay!!!
  • Getina W: I plan on buying my little guy some more clothes  to add to the ones I will buy at the sale and turn around and consign them later! keep the ball rolling with Rhea Lanas! :)
  • Angie V: This was my best earnings in 4 years of Rhea Lana's sales!! I was able to dress my 9 month old until she is 18 months!! And also my 7 yr old until next summers sale! The rest of the money went to the savings account so we can go on our yearly vacation to the beach in aug. I am so glad I discovered Rhea Lana's in Russellville 4 yrs ago!!
  • Robin D: More clothes for my children!!
  • Ashlee M: Paying off my son's medical bills!!!  This was my first time to consign and I am HOOKED!!
  • Jenny K: paying bills for when i go on maternity leave :)
  • Julie H: I'm planning to buy a new front door!


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