Advent Calendar

It's December 1st!! Kathy, one of our managers in Central Arkansas, shares this Advent Calendar idea and the easy instructions!

You'll need:

25 spice tins or aluminum tins (also called watchmaker tins)

magnet strips with adhesive

decorative paper

cookie sheet or metal board

Determine the diameter of your tins and cut out 25 circles to fit snugly inside the lid of the tins.  I used my Cricut machine, but a paper punch or hand-drawn template would work as well.  Cut out 25 circles.

Then you'll add numbers 1-25 to each circle.  Again I used my Cricut machine, but stickers or your own handwriting would be an quick & easy alternative.  Next you'll take the lid off each tin and press one paper circle, right-side down, into each lid.  You might need to use a little glue or adhesive, if your paper circles don't fit snugly inside.

Cut adhesive magnet strips and press sticky side onto the back of the tin.  Arrange your cute, numbered tins on a metal board or cookie sheet!  Don't forget to fill each tin with goodies, holiday activities, or special treats for your family to enjoy together!

Thanks Kathy!

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