6 Simple DIY Projects with Paint Dipped Glass

6 Simple DIY Projects with Paint Dipped Glass              


At Rhea Lana’s we are all about saving money, and not just on clothes! We are always looking for little, inexpensive ways to freshen up décor for a fraction of the cost.  We know that not all our readers are crafty and so we came up with six simple projects that anyone can do.  All you will need is your favorite shaped glass jar and some paint!

Rhea Lana's Voice Recognition Item Entry Feature

Consignors, are you busy gathering your items to enter into your local Rhea Lana's sale?  Rhea Lana's understands how busy life can be so developing our Voice Recognition Item Entry was a no brainer.  The time it takes entering your items into the system will be cut in half and you will be ADDICTED!  



I’ve been shopping consignment for many years and there are a couple things that I LOVE to buy at a Spring sale! If you have these kinds of things in your home and they have LIFE left in them…get ready and let us SELL THEM!


Want to Shop Early at Rhea Lana's

We have blogged about this before so this is just a great reminder.  

Pre-Sale: The time when those with passes can shop a Rhea Lana event before it is open to the public. Special passes are given to volunteers and consignors as a thanks for participating. Moms-to-Be can print a free pass from a RL event website and come as our guests. Guests are welcome with a guest pass they pick up at their local doctors office, preschool or dance studio.

Hello Consignment Season. Let The Money Saving and Earning Begin!

It’s consignment season! It’s started getting really cold and there’s nothing better than helping us make it through the winter months than thinking of the summer ones!

One thing that the best consignment moms know is that YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL AT ONCE. Well, you can, but it will drive you crazy. We have lots of different things going on in our lives, so we typically can’t set aside 4-6 hours to get our items ready. So, follow this little plan and WORK SMARTER, instead of harder.


A New Year & A New You : Tips for Creating Habits to Accomplish Goals

A New Year & A New You: Tips for Creating Habits to Accomplish Your Goals

Family Time Suggestions

New Year’s resolutions tend to be focused on yourself and things you will and won’t do in the New Year. Have you ever set goals for your family after the New Year? Rhea Lana’s wants to help you and your family make the most of 2015 with these simple suggestions.


1) Spend more time visiting and playing games as a family than watching TV. When you aren’t focused on a tv show, you tend to actually visit and share more with one another.

Christmas Eve Traditions to Consider

Christmas Eve for most kids is full of excitement and anticipation. Making cookies, organizing presents under the tree, playing with cousins, etc. However, do you find that your Christmas Eve is lacking? Rhea Lana’s has compiled a list of several fun Christmas Eve traditions that you can easily adapt to your family.

Top 5 Tips, Tricks and Tasty Treats for Traveling

Tis the season to travel.  During the holidays people are always traveling to go and visit family and friends for that special time of the year.  No matter where you are traveling this holiday season we want to make sure you are prepared to have fun and be safe.  Below you will find 5 tips, tricks and traveling treats that are sure to keep everyone in your vehicle happy.


10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

Let’s face it, stocking stuffers can sometimes be a last minute purchase and it can tend to be things our kids won’t even use. It’s hard always knowing what to put in stockings but to most kids, stockings are what they look forward to the most. Rhea Lana’s has some great ideas that will be easy on the pocket book but things your kids will enjoy and use.