Top 5 Tips, Tricks and Tasty Treats for Traveling

Tis the season to travel.  During the holidays people are always traveling to go and visit family and friends for that special time of the year.  No matter where you are traveling this holiday season we want to make sure you are prepared to have fun and be safe.  Below you will find 5 tips, tricks and traveling treats that are sure to keep everyone in your vehicle happy.


10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

Let’s face it, stocking stuffers can sometimes be a last minute purchase and it can tend to be things our kids won’t even use. It’s hard always knowing what to put in stockings but to most kids, stockings are what they look forward to the most. Rhea Lana’s has some great ideas that will be easy on the pocket book but things your kids will enjoy and use.

15 Fabulous DIY Gifts for Friends and Family

Looking for some simple and easy ideas for fun gift giving? Well look no further! Whether you have a work party, need something for your best friend or can't figure out what to bring for that aunt you never see we've got you covered. Check out our list of 15 fabulous DIY gifts for friends and family and fill all your holiday gift giving needs!

Gift Ideas For The Kids Under $20

This time of year you probably have a list from your kiddos with lots of ideas for Christmas gifts. Let's face it, toys can be expensive!! So, what are some of the top toys that are under $20? We have gone to to help you gather a few ideas for the kids.

Rhea Lana's 25 Days of Christmas

Day 1 - Watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on ABC Family at 6 p.m. EST Day 2 - Make Santa Party Mix - Visit for Instructions Day 3 - Put Christmas Lights on the Outside of Your Home, TOGETHER!

Rhea Lana's Cyber Monday Deals

The hype is all about the best Black Friday deals right now, but we want you to be a step ahead. We have researched far and wide and below is a list of the best deals from some of the top retailers across the nation.

Black Friday Madness - Stores Open Earlier


Attention all you Black Friday fans!!  You are probably aware of the many stores opening their doors earlier this year on Thanksgiving Day.   If you aren’t, no worries.   We have gathered our research and have compiled a quick reference guide for you.   Enjoy the Black Friday Madness!!

10 Life Hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays should be spent enjoying time with friends and family over delicious food and fun conversation. Try these 10 simple life hacks to make sure you don’t miss a thing, and still serve that wonderful Thanksgiving dinner they all deserve!

Taking Time for Thankfulness

Taking Time for Thankfulness

Thankful.  What does this word mean? By definition thankful means to be pleased, relieved or to express gratitude.  However, many people say that actions speak louder than words.  So how can you  SHOW  that you are thankful instead of just saying it?